MiX VisionTM

Smart camera technology for an accurate inside view of fleet operations

MiX Vision allows fleet managers to see incidents on the road for themselves, putting them at the scene and in control.

MiX Vision is a camera solution that saves fleet managers millions of dollars each year. It integrates seamlessly with MiX Fleet Manager and delivers streaming forward-looking and cab-facing video with sound. MiX Vision continuously captures a rolling 72 hours of video for retrieval of any 2:30-minute segment when needed, so fleet managers can not only view the event itself but also what happened right before the event. 

The MiX Vision in-vehicle, tamper-proof unit houses road-facing and infrared driver-facing cameras. There is also the option of two external cameras mounted on the outside of a vehicle. These cameras work in conjunction with the MiX Telematics’ on-board computer and record as soon as predetermined events are triggered. 

Notifications for driving events, such as harsh braking or harsh acceleration, can be set up so that when an event occurs, the system triggers the automatic upload of two videos – one showing the driver and one showing the road. Video footage can be conveniently retrieval via the MiX Fleet Manager online portal or mobile app.


  • Improve driver safety and reduce risk by using the visual evidence provided by cameras as a driver coaching tool.
  • Analyse incidents or accidents to gain insights and context.
  • Reduce costs associated with insurance claims by handing over video proof when drivers are not at-fault.

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