Introducing the new

Fringe Benefit Tax module

from MiX. Significantly reduce your FBT liability today.

The Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) module from MiX makes it possible to classify trips on-the-go using the MyMiX mobile app.

FBT is paid on all work vehicles that are also made available for private use. Our FBT module makes it easy for drivers to classify trips as business or personal, for logbook purposes and as approved by the ATO.

Drivers can view classified trips and edit historical trips within a 2-day period. With the easy-to-use dashboard, drivers can quickly determine the percentage of business trips taken and identify which trips have yet to be classified. There is also the option to receive push notifications (which happen directly after each trip has taken place) to be alerted of instances where no trip classification has been made.

fringe benefits tax (fbt) module for trip classification


The FBT module from MiX Telematics offers the following benefits:

Reduce fringe benefits tax liability with MiX's trip log app
  • Calculate FBT based on operational costs, at the push of a button.

  • Simplification and semi-automation of drivers’ legal obligation to perform trip classifications.
  • Time-saving by moving away from paper logbooks.

  • Reduce back-office administration costs.

  • Flexibility to classify trips on-the-go.
  • Ability to reclassify trips historically and add a pre-defined business reason (7-day rule applicable).
  • Quick and easy capture of trip purpose using pre-defined driving reasons as well as a free text field to add commentary, as required for ATO compliance.
  • Gain greater visibility into your fleet as well as a detailed understanding of operating costs.

Reduce Your FBT Liability with the MyMiX FBT Module

Collecting, categorising, and calculating work and private trips can be complex. With the Fringe Benefit Tax module from MiX, data can be collected and compiled immediately after it is received from the driver. This means you get accurate information and that calculating your FBT will be easier, faster, and more accurate. The trip log app removes the guesswork as to whether a trip was business or personal related. Trip classification data is fed into the system as soon as it's received from the driver and compiled into an easily accessible report that is ready to be submitted to the ATO. The MyMiX FBT module removes the guesswork of determining private vehicle use and giving you the most accurate data needed to claim the right FBT refund across your fleet.

MyMIX FBT Module for Trip Classification

The FBT Module in MyMiX gives drivers the ability to easily classify completed trips as business or personal directly from the MyMiX mobile application. These trip classifications are sent to MiX Fleet Manager and are stored so that reports can be generated for logbook purposes. With the Fringe Benefit Tax module, you can do trip classification on the go and then manage and view trips in real-time as needed.

  • easy fbt liability calculation
  • fringe benefit tax module by MiX Telematics

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