MiX Asset ManagerTM

The benefits of a professional, fully-integrated fleet management solution are well-known to both owners and managers. Tracking and monitoring vehicles and drivers enable fleet managers to implement an array of cost-related improvements.

But what about industries where non-vehicle assets are just as important as vehicles and drivers? 

MiX Asset Manager offers superior protection for assets of all kinds – mobile and fixed; with or without a dedicated power source – across a wide variety of industries. Unlike manual systems, MiX Asset Manager offers an automatic, electronic registry of assets, their statuses and whereabouts so that they can be: 

  • Located and/or tracked on a map – historically or in real-time;
  • Managed in terms of service intervals and odometer readings, and
  • Billed for more accurately when rented out.


Up close and personal with your assets

  • Flexible hardware options (power and installation)
  • Asset information and reporting
  • Live and historical tracking
  • Secure online asset management
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Driver and vehicle license/certification management


Maximum gain, minimal risk.

  • Increase visibility and utilisation
  • Reduce risk
  • Maximise revenue
  • Minimise costs
  • Streamline processes

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