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MiX Telematics to Present a Webinar on Accelerating Mine Site Safety with AI

MiX Telematics, together with Austmine, will be hosting a live webinar on Wednesday 8th September, 12:301:15pm AEST on Accelerating Mine Site Safety with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The world we live in today have been dominated by emerging digital technologies. The mining industry is no different to any other industry where it has had to adapt to this digital transformation. The unique nature of mining creates significant challenges for connectivity but it has managed to advance communications infrastructure and technology to match the digital evolution. As the mining industry delves further into these technologies it becomes more challenging to navigate the vast range of incoming information sources. We have all become more aware of the term AI recently, but how knowledgeable are we in how to apply it within the mining industry?

In this webinar our very own Managing Director for MiX Telematics Middle East and Australasia, Brodie von Berg, will be presenting on key areas in the mining industry where AI can be used to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, derive value from data and ultimately improve safety. Brodie will be exploring advancements in communications infrastructure and technology by using AI and the types of technologies that are available for driver safety, along with case studies to demonstrate its effects in the mining sector.

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