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5 Tips on getting you home safe this Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is associated with a change in eating, working and sleeping habits. Fasting can result in dehydration and lowered blood sugar levels which, in turn, has the ability to affect cognitive ability in terms of attentiveness, concentration, vision and reaction. In addition, the irregular meals and sleeping patterns can cause individuals to experience fatigue, exhaustion and distraction.

These, along with externalised variables such as the weather, road conditions and other road users can all attribute to a heightened sense of impatience and irritability. So, recognizing the warning signs of driver fatigue during this particularly festive and sacred period becomes of increased importance.

Fatigue represents a major safety hazard for all drivers, rivalling the effects of excessive speed and, drug and alcohol consumption. Even a split-second mental lapse can result in serious injuries or fatalities. A recent study by the Transport Accident Commission found that driving whilst fatigued increases the likelihood of a collision by up to 7 times.

Better awareness of driver fatigue and adherence to relevant laws will aid in reducing the overall injury and death toll on the roads, making the roads a safer place for all this Ramadan.

Here are five tips to keep in mind during this Ramadan:

  • Get enough sleep, be aware of your own potential physical limitations and pull over immediately if you notice yourself yawning excessively
  • Plan for possible delays and leave for appointments earlier so you don’t have to rush
  • Refrain for tailgating by maintaining a safe, following distance from the vehicle in front of you as this decreases your crash risk
  • Exercise restraint and patience with other road users, extend common courtesy and consideration whilst on the roads
  • Utilise public transport or taxis as much as possible

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