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MiX Telematics’ fleet management solutions enable more than just fuel savings. They help save lives too. This is what our customers have to say.

MiX Telematics case study: Borg Manufacturing

Borg Manufacturing chose a MiX Telematics fleet management solution to help them improve driver safety, reduce rollovers and reduce insurance liability.

New Zealand
A successful trial with Red Bus in New Zealand brought about an immediate reduction in fuel consumption and speeding events, thanks to MiX Telematics.
Dunns Earthmoving in Australia chose a MiX Telematics fleet management solution to manage their risk, and provide tools to support and manage their lone workers.
New Zealand
Fonterra was looking for a system to improve both driver and public safety, enhance milk collection and truck performance, and manage their drivers. They installed a MiX Telematics fleet management solution and the results started to show shortly after.

Vista 4WD Hire installed a MiX Telematics IVMS in 30 of their vehicles, which has enabled them to monitor the vehicle's locations, driver behavior and condition data.

MiX Telematics caset study: Total

Total invests in the safety and security of their drivers by implementing MiX Fleet Manager Premium to gain greater control of driver performance and behaviour.

MiX Telematics caset study: Carey Worldwide Chauffeur Services
United Kingdom

Carey Chauffeur Services is implementing a driver scoring system and workshops using MiX Fleet Manager Premium and the RIBAS Display to promote safe driving.

MiX Telematics caset study: Triunfo Concebra

Triunfo Concebra is using MiX Fleet Manager Premium to reduce their fuel consumption and carbon emissions while improving overall efficiency.

MiX Telematics case study: Crusader Logistics
South Africa

Crusader Logistics is using MiX Vision to monitor their fleet of 33 vehicles to improve safety and efficiency through better driver behaviour and decreased fuel consumption.

United Kingdom
DS Smith’s relationship with MiX Telematics has resulted in significant benefits – partly due to the RIBAS system and partly because of MiX’s dedicated consultancy service.
Itamaracá Transportes from Brazil chose MiX Fleet Manager Premium to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions through more efficient driving.

Thanks to their MiX Telematics fleet management solution, CGG were able to reduce accidents by tracking their vehicles and monitoring their drivers' speeds and driving behaviours.

South Africa
By introducing driver accountability and tools to monitor performance, Unitrans was able to make huge improvements in safety and efficiency across its fleet.
United Kingdom
Reading-based bus operator, Reading Buses, chose MiX Fleet Manager, and saw fuel- and driving-related results in nine short months.
German bus operator BOGESTRA AG chose MiX Telematics to help save fuel, reduce carbon emissions and create a more comfortable journey for their passengers.
Transmagno, a port services company from Brazil, has implemented MiX Fleet Manager Premium to decrease fuel consumption and promote safe driving.
The MiX Telematics system that Praxair chose provided peace of mind, as well as the ability to monitor compliance with its strict driver codes in real-time.
United Kingdom

Cardiff Bus implemented MiX Telematics’ solutions to increase the efficiency of their fleet of buses, reduce fuel consumption and improve customer satisfaction.

Archrock Case Study
United States

There was a noticeable, double-digit increase in monthly and annual fuel economy, and their commitment to safety was strengthened with the help of driver behavior monitoring.


In less than three years, Tanzania-based cargo carrier, MA Cargo, was saving 25% in fuel using MiX Fleet Manager. This is their fleet's story.

South Africa

South African Allied Transport has decreased its fuel costs, potentially saving R24,024 annually, using MiX Telematics Premium and MiX Track and React.


KK Traveller, a bus operator in Uganda, chose MiX Fleet Manager to improve safety, reduce accidents and decrease speeding violations within their fleet.


Super Star Forwarders in Tanzania achieved a 50% reduction in accidents and 15% drop in fuel consumption after using a MiX Telematics fleet management solution.


Transcargo in Tanzania chose MiX Fleet Manager Premium. They were immediately able to track and monitor their assets and drivers in real-time.


CEMEX chose MiX Fleet Manager to help improve safety and manage fleet maintenance. Results soon became evident across their entire fleet of 350.

South Africa

To give its passengers the safest and most reliable service possible, Mozzie Cabs chose MiX Fleet Manager to actively monitor their vehicles and drivers.

United Kingdom

UK customer Richmond's Coaches recently migrated to MiX Fleet Manager. The enhanced reporting and tracking functionality has enabled many tangible benefits.

United Kingdom

For North Wales Fire, the MiX Telematics offering has become a valuable tool and a respected asset that provides efficiency, safety, reliability, compliance, optimisation and return on investment.


Spain-based company SAV has been specialising in waste removal and management for more than a century. They approached Chip2Chip, a MiX Telematics channel partner, to help them become a leader in providing environmentally-friendly services within their community and to their customers. 

United Kingdom

Prior to working with MiX Telematics, Wincanton’s main concerns were how the behaviour of their drivers were negatively impacting the safety and efficiency of their fleet. They were also faced with increased insurance costs as a result. To help Wincanton eliminate these concerns, MiX Telematics implemented a variety of solutions to aid behavioural change and engagement among their drivers.

United Kingdom

UK-based company Dreams is a bed retailer with more than 30 years of experience and, a network of 195 sites and online stores. After discussing their needs with MiX Telematics, it was determined that they wanted to focus on tracking and tracing both their trucks and trailers, and curb poor driver behaviour that puts their fleet at risk.

United Kingdom

This award-winning public transport company wanted to improve the overall satisfaction of their customers. To do this they needed a multi-faceted telematics solution that would help them increase passenger comfort, decrease accidents, reduce wear and tear, and save on insurance premiums so that they could pass on the savings to customers.


Auto Bus Moratense, founded back in 1982, is a public transportation service headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil.

The company was aiming to drastically reduce their fuel consumption and become more eco-friendly to better serve their community. They turned to MiX Telematics’ fleet management solution to monitor their fleet’s fuel usage and the behavior of their drivers.

Transmec Group is a transport and logistics company based in Italy with 41 offices worldwide, providing road transport, intermodal, exceptional loads, air and sea shipping to a wide variety of industries. The company implemented the MiX Wired Asset Tracker solution to improve fleet visibility and control, and increase the security of their trailers and goods.

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