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Driving Value with MiX Telematics

Telematic offerings can vary greatly from company to company. But, the most forward-looking companies are focused on driving efficiencies, mitigating security risks, increasing safety and improving operational compliance by integrating telematics into their business.

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Ensuring fleet operational safety and compliance

The transport and logistics industry in Australia is governed by stringent laws and regulations to ensure safety on all roads. These include the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) legislation as well as various other Workplace Health and Safety acts and regulations.

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Everything you need to know about telematics: Part 1

The term “telematics” originated from the amalgamation of the words “telecommunications” and “informatics”. It refers to the technology used to remotely monitor a wide range of data related to either an individual vehicle or an entire fleet.

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5 Tips on getting you home safe this Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is associated with a change in eating, working and sleeping habits. Fasting can result in dehydration and lowered blood sugar levels which, in turn, has the ability to affect cognitive ability in terms of attentiveness, concentration, vision and reaction. In addition, the irregular meals and sleeping patterns can cause individuals to experience fatigue, exhaustion and distraction.

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Electronic Work Diaries to Safeguard Drivers on the Roads

By the end of 2018, we should see Electronic Work Diaries (EWD) offer an alternative to the paper-based Written Work Diary (WWD) used to track driving hours. The National Heavy Vehicle Regular (NHVR) has confirmed this approach will come into play, albeit on a voluntary basis, to help counter fatigue among heavy vehicle drivers.

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Are you looking to improve maintenance across your fleet?

Regardless of the industry you operate in, telematics adoption typically delivers fleet efficiencies in a number of different ways. From knowing exactly where your vehicles are in real-time to monitoring driver performance and route planning, fleets are using telematics to achieve a variety of different goals but ultimately all benefit from the same end-result of optimised fleet management.

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The grey fleet – a neglected risk

A grey fleet refers to any vehicle used for making a work-related journey, which is not owned by the organisation itself. While the term is becoming more and more popular across Australia, the knowledge required to effectively manage grey fleets is lacking. Many fleet managers are unaware of the risks that a grey fleet poses to their organisation and do not have a full appreciation of their legal responsibilities with their use.

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MiX Telematics exhibits across Australasia

Brake Annual Fleet Safety Awards

The annual Brake Fleet Safety Awards reception was recently held in Auckland on 29th September where a number of safety-conscious organisations attended to learn details of the winners for 2016. MiX Telematics was awarded with “Highly Commended” in the category for Fleet Safety Product, which is a significant achievement for us given the number of entries that Brake (the road safety charity) received this year.

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MiX Telematics to showcase safety solutions at Australian Bus and Coach Show

MiX Telematics is pleased to announce its participation in this year's annual Australian Bus and Coach Show, which has returned to Sydney after three years. The event, taking place at the Sydney Showground (Olympic Park) from 5 – 6 October, will give MiX Telematics the opportunity to showcase its solutions and demonstrate the impressive results achieved for bus and coach customers using MiX's technology.

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Love your backseat driver

Know someone who points out all the little mistakes you make when driving? Annoying, right – but what if it makes you a better driver in the long run?

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‘The business case for telematics’ now available

MiX Telematics is pleased to announce the launch of a new paper entitled "The business case for telematics". The paper is aimed at fleet managers, and outlines how telematics can help to address key challenges around improving driver safety and increasing fleet efficiencies.

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Guidance report to save fleets money, now available

MiX Telematics is pleased to announce the launch of a new guidance report from Brake – a road safety charity that we are proud to sponsor. The report is aimed at helping Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) improve the safety of staff who drive for work, to prevent crashes and cut costs.

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Four compelling reasons for Driver Training

MiX Telematics have been delivering Defensive Driver Training and Transport Safety Training in Australia and overseas for over 15 years. During that time, we have worked with various clients in both good and challenging economic times. In tough times such as now, training is often considered as dispensable, and one of the first things to go within an organisation. In reality, training should be considered essential and as something that needs to continue regardless of economic climate conditions. Here are four compelling reasons why:

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