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Challenging times lay ahead for Transport Operators with rising fuel prices, the need to stay compliant with industry mandates and route restrictions as well as trying to keep overheads low while also managing driver safety. MiX Telematics understands the challenges you face and offers a transport and logistics solution designed to increase safety and compliance, and improve the efficiency of your transport operation.

Manage risk & improve efficiencies
for drivers and vehicles

MiX Fleet Manager, an award-winning platform was developed and built on industry requirements within the transport and logistics sector and it continues to evolve. It provides fleet managers and drivers with real-time, accurate information covering a host of categories. Monitor driver behaviour, avoid risky driving events that lead to collisions, improve maintenance, reduce fuel spend and more.


Complete visibility of your drivers, vehicles and assets with benefits such as:

Reduce vehicle downtime
Reduce vehicle downtime:

Manage maintenance by creating alerts to get notified of vehicle servicing and repair needs ahead of time, preventing lost productivity with untimely vehicle breakdowns.

App-based fleet tracking with MyMiX Tracking
App-based fleet tracking with MyMiX Tracking:

Accurately track your fleet’s movements and driver behaviours using your smartphone – no need to install fleet management hardware. An ideal solution for fleets with sub-contracted vehicles

Pinpoint vehicle location and route your drivers safely
Pinpoint vehicle location and route your drivers safely:

Locate fleet vehicles in real-time and track the daily movements of drivers to optimise route efficiency.

Improve maintenance to positively impact operational success
Improve maintenance to positively impact operational success:

Stay one step ahead with proactive maintenance and servicing for your fleet. Reduce vehicle downtime with planned maintenance.

Obtain live and historical trip data
Obtain live and historical trip data:

Insight into trip start and end times, driving time versus standing time, distance traveled, average and maximum speed, and other critical trip data.

Monitor driver safety with MiX Vision AI
Monitor driver safety with MiX Vision AI:

Get AI-powered dash cam technology that intelligently monitors risky driving behaviour, such as fatigue and distraction, to reduce crashes and improve the safety of your fleet.

Keep customers informed and improve service delivery
Keep customers informed and improve service delivery:

With improved route and journey management, you can provide on-time services and deliveries and increase customer satisfaction rates.

Locate and protect cargo with trailer tracking
Locate and protect cargo with trailer tracking:

Use wired or wireless tracking devices to ensure you always have eyes on valuable cargo and other assets to protect against theft, abuse or misuse.

Manage real-time alerts and get actionable insights on events
Manage real-time alerts and get actionable insights on events:

Receive notifications as soon as an event occurs. Coach your drivers on safer driving behaviours and reduce crash rates.

Reduce fuel costs and insurance claims
Reduce fuel costs and insurance claims

Monitor per-vehicle, daily and average fuel usage, and see which activities increase fuel consumption. Lower insurance premiums by reducing accident risk and implementating safety technology.

Case Study: Borg Manufacturing

Borg Manufacturing chose MiX Telematics’ fleet management solution to help them improve driver safety, reduce rollovers and reduce insurance liability.

Find out more about how Borg Manufacturing achieved their targeted results

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Chain of Responsibility?

Under the Chain of Responsibility (CoR), complying with transport law is a shared responsibility and all parties in the road transport supply chain are responsible for ensuring the safety of their transport activities. The Chain of Responsibility recognises the effects of the actions, inactions and demands of off-road parties in the transport chain.

It is important to note that it’s not just drivers that can be held responsible for breaches of road laws and potentially be legally liable. All parties in the road transport supply chain are tasked with ensuring the safe operation of all transport activities, including company directors, senior management team members, driver employers, schedulers, those involved with loading or unloading vehicles, consignors or consignees and prime contractors.

How can I ensure compliance with CoR laws?

As a transport operator you need to be able to demonstrate that you are proactively monitoring and managing driver behaviour. This includes monitoring compliance with speed, fatigue, mass, dimension, loading and vehicle standards requirements to ensure they meet your company's safety policies as well as CoR regulations.

A comprehensive fleet management solution will help determine how your drivers are using work vehicles. The data captured from in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) provide useful and actionable insights by way of reports that can measure driver behaviour, work hours, fatigue-related incidents and also determine when vehicles are due for maintenance to ensure they remain roadworthy at all times. Mass can also be tracked to ensure limits have not been exceeded.

*Important note, these FAQs are provided as a guideline only and by no way do they reflect everything in the CoR laws.

How can I coach my drivers and improve their driving style?

Aggressive or harsh driving behaviours can lead to crashes and increase your fleet’s risk. By using telematics across your fleet, coupled with our driver engagement app, you can track the performance of your drivers and see how they rank across your organisation.

In addition, if you want to take driver behaviour improvement to the next level, you can add video to your telematics solution. Video detects and records risky driving events, including phone use while driving, not wearing a seatbelt, failing to signal when changing lanes, distracted behaviour and more. As soon as a driving event is observed, the driver is sent an in-cab alert to notify them of this and give them the opportunity to self-correct.

What are my obligations under the Chain of Responsibility?

If you work in the transport chain, depending on what your role is, you will need to ensure compliance with CoR laws to avoid penalties. Breaches can occur in instances where:

  • A driver fails to adhere to fatigue management requirements.
  • A driver speeds.
  • Vehicle mass or dimension limits have been exceeded.
  • Loading requirements have not been met.
  • Vehicles have not been maintained according to roadworthy standards.
How can I track proof of delivery?

By using the MyMiX app, your drivers can get mobile proof of delivery using custom paperless forms that capture important data while in the field. It reduces the need for manual data entry and allows your back office to view the data immediately.

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